Our Vision

Connecting, collaborating and catalyzing the conduct of pediatric research.

Specifically SPR works to:

CONNECT: Facilitate active communications among and between researchers

COLLABORATE: Promote research collaborations through mentoring and knowledge sharing

CATALYZE RESEARCH: Advocate for funding and policies supportive of research

Our mission

Creating a network of multi-disciplinary researchers to improve child health.

Our Council

<font size="3">Michelle Gill, MD, PhD</font>

Michelle Gill, MD, PhD

President (5/2019)

Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases
UT Southwestern Medical Center

<font size="3">Joel N. Hirschhorn, MD, PhD</font>

Joel N. Hirschhorn, MD, PhD

Vice President (5/2021)

Boston Children’s Hospital /
Harvard Medical School

<font size="3">Constantine Stratakis, MD, DSc</font>

Constantine Stratakis, MD, DSc

President-Elect (5/2020)

Pediatrics, Endocrinology & Medical Genetics
Bethesda, MD

<font size="3">David Hunstad, MD</font>

David Hunstad, MD

Secretary Treasurer, Strategy and Operations Officer – elect (5/2022)

Division of Infectious Diseases
Washington University

<font size="3">Kate G. Ackerman, MD</font>

Kate G. Ackerman, MD

Secretary Treasurer, Strategy and Operations Officer (5/2018)

Division of Pediatric Critical Care
Univ of Rochester SoM and Dentistry
Center for Pediatric Biomedical Research

<font size="3">Anna A. Penn, MD, PhD</font>

Anna A. Penn, MD, PhD

Membership Secretary (5/2019)

Center for Neuroscience Research
Children’s National Medical Center

<font size="3">Shari Barkin, MD, MSHS</font>

Shari Barkin, MD, MSHS

Past President (5/2018)

Dept. of Pediatrics
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

<font size="3">Councilors Carlton M. Bates, MD</font>

Councilors Carlton M. Bates, MD

Councilor (5/2019)

Pediatric Nephrology Department
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburg of UPMC
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

<font size="3">Mara Becker, MD, MSCE</font>

Mara Becker, MD, MSCE

Councilor (5/2018)

Division of Rheumatology
Children’s Mercy Kansas City
Allergy, Immunology, Rheumatology

<font size="3">Todd A. Florin, MD, MSCE</font>

Todd A. Florin, MD, MSCE

Councilor (5/2020)

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Emergency Medicine

<font size="3">Vidu Garg, MD</font>

Vidu Garg, MD

Councilor (5/2018)

Center for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research and The Heart Center
Nationwide Children’s Hospital

<font size="3">Hannah C. Glass, MDCM, MAS</font>

Hannah C. Glass, MDCM, MAS

Councilor (5/2018)

Department of Neurology and Pediatrics
University of California San Francisco

<font size="3">Neera Gupta, MD</font>

Neera Gupta, MD

Councilor (5/2020)

Weill Cornell Medical Center

<font size="3">Lucas Hoffman, MD, PhD</font>

Lucas Hoffman, MD, PhD

Councilor (5/2020)

University of Washington, Seattle Children’s Hospital

<font size="3">Roberta Keller, MD</font>

Roberta Keller, MD

Councilor (5/2020)

University of California-San Francisco

<font size="3">Laura P. Richardson, MD, MPH</font>

Laura P. Richardson, MD, MPH

Councilor (5/2018)

Division of Adolescent Medicine
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Adolescent Medicine

<font size="3">Samir S. Shah, MD, MSCE</font>

Samir S. Shah, MD, MSCE

Councilor (5/2018)

Department of Pediatrics; Divisions of Hospital Medicine & Infectious Diseases
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Infectious Diseases

<font size="3">Maureen Su, MD (5/2019)</font>

Maureen Su, MD (5/2019)

Councilor (5/2019)

Department of Pediatrics
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

<font size="3">Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD</font>

Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD

Councilor (5/2020)

University of Minnesota

Our Past Presidents

2018         Michelle Gill
2017         Shari Barkin
2016         Brendon Lee
2015         Jake A. Kushner
2014         Steven P. Miller
2013         David A. Ingram
2012         Susan L. Furth
2011         Maria T. Britto
2010         David N. Cornfield
2009         Elena Fuentes-Afflick
2008         Phyllis A. Dennery
2007         Gary L. Freed
2006         Phil W. Shaul
2005         Lisa M. Guay-Woodford
2004         Gail Demmler
2003         Daniel Bernstein
2002         Alan M. Krensky
2001         Ora Pescovitz
2000         Thomas Hazinski
1999         Sam Hawgood
1998         Maureen Andrew
1997         Gary R. Fleisher
1996         Jon S. Abramson
1995         David H. Perlmutter
1994         Margaret K. Hostetter
1993         George Lister
1992         Larry J. Shapiro
1991         Steve Kohl
1990         Alan H. Jobe
1989         Harvey J. Cohen

1988         Robert P. Kelch
1987         Russell W. Chesney
1986         Laurence A. Boxer
1985         Thomas F. Boat
1984         John D. Johnson
1983         Ralph D. Feigin
1982         Joseph B. Warshaw
1981         Richard B. Johnston, Jr.
1980         Joseph A. Bellanti
1979         Joe Anne Brasel
1978         Frank A. Oski
1977         Frederick C. Battaglia
1976         Charles R. Scriver
1975         Robert E. Greenberg
1974         Charles A. Alford, Jr.
1973         Mary Ellen Avery
1972         Madison S. Spach
1971         William L. Nyhan
1970         William B. Weil, Jr.
1969         Floyd W. Denny, Jr.
1968         Norman Kretchmer
1967         Irving Schulman
1966         Robert E. Cooke
1965         Wallace W. McCrory
1964         Clark D. West
1963         Lytt I. Gardner
1962         Frederick C. Robbins
1961         Gilbert B. Forbes
1960         Henry L. Barnett
1959         Sydney S. Gellis

1958         Edward L. Pratt
1957         William M. Wallace
1956         Wolf Zuelzer
1955         Charles A. Janeway
1954         Harold E. Harrison
1953         Robert F. Ward
1952         Horace L. Hodes
1951         Harry H. Gordon
1950         Francis F. Schwentker
1949         Sidney Farber
1948         Donovan J. McCune
1947         Mitchell I. Rubin
1946         Edward M. Bridge
1945         No mtg. because of war
1944         Joseph A. Johnson
1943         No mtg. because of war
1942         George M. Guest
1941         A. Ashley Weech
1940         Daniel C. Darrow
1939         L Emmett Holt
1938         Samuel Z. Levine
1937         Francis Scott Smyth
1936         Charles F. McKhann
1935         Joseph A. Stokes, Jr.
1934         Rustin McIntosh
1933         Bengt Hamilton
1932         L.A. Hoague
1931         James Gamble
1930         James Gamble
1929         James Gamble

Our Constitution | Bylaws


The Society for Pediatric Research was founded in 1929 and incorporated in 1963.  The provisions of this Constitution and By-laws (the “By-laws”) are amended and expanded from those as amended and approved by the Society in 2014.

Our Committees | Workgroups

Advocacy Committee


  • Provide leadership in child advocacy through government and public forums for issues related to the SPR mission: Creating a Network of Multi-Disciplinary Researchers to Improve Child Health.

Functions & Responsibilities

  • Recommend public and governmental priorities for advocacy
  • Advocate for prioritized issues in partnership with other agencies and societies
  • Communicate effectively with Council and membership regarding advocacy activities

Shetal Shah
Vivek Balasubramaniam

Communications Committee


  • To focus on redesign of website/app and to communicate to members via social media postings.

Functions & Responsibilities

  • Website improvements
  • Other forms of communication with members
  • Communicate with outside entities including press (link with PAS, AAP, etc.)
  • Communicate with specialty-based pediatric organizations

Annemarie Stroustrup
Faizah Bhatti

Finance Committee


  • To ensure the SPR possesses the financial resources to sustain its mission statement; the SPR operates with sound stewardship of its resources; partners with the Pediatric Research Foundation to grow the financial resources with which to execute its missions.

Kate Ackerman

Member Engagement Committee

Coming soon.

Diversity Workgroup


  • To enhance the diversity of SPR membership 

Maureen Su

Mentoring Workgroup


  • Expanding Mentoring Opportunities to Reach More SPR Members

Laura Richardson

Perspectives Workgroup


  • Linking SPR members to junior members to write SPR perspectives briefs on cutting edge research methods or content.

Samir Shah

PAS Content Workgroup


  • Identify and select sessions for the PAS meeting that represent the best science and are of interest to our membership
  • Identify a topic through the membership survey of value to members, and proactively invite a group of scientists to submit symposium and/or workshop proposals on this topic. (Examples include the –omics symposia from the 2017 meeting, a hot topics research debate, etc.)

Hannah Glass
Courtney Wusthoff