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Benefits for Society Members from Pediatric Research

  • Encourage early career investigators within the societies to publish with PR and highlights them in every issue.
  • Highlight the issue of the year from the societies. Like the 2021 issue of “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion”
  • Publish webinars from the societies, such as the APS/SPR Virtual Chat series.
  • Offer Editorial Board membership to society members when and where positions are available.
  • Society members have color figure charges in the print issue waived on papers where they are the first or last author.
  • Spots in the Editorial Apprenticeship program are offered to society members.
  • Support efforts of societies in helping early career faculty in writing reviews (SPR Perspectives)
  • Waive page charges for submissions to the annual review issue.
  • Return money to the societies from journal revenue to support societies’ missions.
  • Sponsor sessions at major society meetings like PAS/jENS/EAPS.
  • Offer a workshop at PAS on publishing to encourage Early career Investigators to publish their work.
  • Highlight images from papers on the cover, often from society member papers.
  • Offer free graphic image development from professional illustrator to enhance selected images’ use in educational efforts.
  • Advertise for the society, free full-page advertisement in every print issue.
  • Due to what we publish, we promote diverse scientific fields within the societies, only pediatric journal that publishes basic science, benefit for society members in this field. Multidimensional diversity in terms of areas of science and subject matter, to provide a home for articles for the research done by society members.
  • Offer the opportunity to publish peer reviewed articles other than Original Research.
  • Serve as the bullhorn for society messaging, large platform to disseminate the societies’ messages.
  • Enhance visibility of published articles through our Social Media Editor and through Springer Nature press releases.
  • Provide intellectual stimulation for your dog (pet).

SPR Perspectives

To learn more about writing SPR Perspectives click here.

Perspectives from the Society for Pediatric Research: Advice on Sustaining Science and Mentoring During COVID-19

Authors: Catherine S. Forster, Suong T. Nguyen, Weston T. Powell, Daniel J. Moore, Jacqueline Ho, Melvin B. Heyman, Tara L. Wenger, Fernando Gonzalez, Margaret Hostetter,  Andrew Nowalk, Caroline E. Rassbach,  Debra Boyer, Pnina Weiss, Rebecca L. Blankenburg, Jordan S. Orange,  Kate G. Ackerman, Audrea M. Burns and the National Pediatric Physician-Scientist Collaborative Workgroup

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Perspectives from the Society for Pediatric Research: Probiotics use in urinary tract infections, atopic dermatitis, and antibiotic-associated diarrhea: an overview

Authors: Catherine Forster, Michael Hsieh, Michael Cabana

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Perspectives from the Society for Pediatric Research: contaminants of water and children’s health: Can we do better?

Authors: Kamil Evy A Bantol, Heather L Brumberg, Shetal I Shah, Joyce R Javier

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Perspectives from the Society for Pediatric Research. Neonatal encephalopathy clinical trials: developing the future

Authors: Kristen L. Benninger, Terrie E. Inder, Amy M. Goodman, C. Michael Cotten, Douglas R. Nordli, Tushar A. Shah, James C. Slaughter & Nathalie L. Maitre

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Perspective commentary from the Society for Pediatric Research: supporting early-stage pediatric physician–scientist success

Authors: Edward Hurley, Eric S. Peeples, Carlton M. Bates, David A. Hunstad & Shari L. Barkin

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Navigating success for early stage investigators—practical words of advice

Perspectives from the Society for Pediatric Research: interventions targeting social needs in pediatric clinical care

Authors: Andrew F. Beck, Alicia J. Cohen, Jeffrey D. Colvin, Caroline M. Fichtenberg, Eric W. Fleegler, Arvin Garg, Laura M. Gottlieb, Matthew S. Pantell, Megan T. Sandel, Adam Schickerdanz, Robert S. Kahn

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Perspectives from the Society for Pediatric Research: Decreased Effectiveness of the Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine

Authors: Michelle Gill & Elizabeth P. Schlaudecker

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